Are you and your lover ready to begin utilizing a couple’s sex toy? With so much variety available, it may be difficult to decide what to buy. However, there are a few more prevalent forms that you’ll encounter again.

Regrettably, the vast majority of toys branded as “couples” are intended for heteronormative (cis-gendered male and female) couples. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which we shall cover today.


Before we go into the many sorts of toys, we believe it is critical for you to comprehend teledildonics.

Yes, you read it correctly; teledildonics is not just a word; it is a whole industry!

As the name implies, it is essentially the next generation of intelligent sex toys that are widely available. Teledildonic toys are those that make use of any app that is connected to the internet or that make use of Virtual Reality (VR).gold and pink heart shaped accessory

Why is it necessary to understand teledildonics?

  • Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you yet, but many of the toys on the market are designed for single-use and are not particularly user-friendly.
  • Numerous firms like adding 10, 20, or 30 vibration patterns, such as PrettyLove’s Newman, which features 30 vibrating patterns with only four buttons.

Who has the time or inclination to browse between thirty distinct patterns?

  • That is why app-based and intelligent sex devices are great. They enable you to exert precise control over your toy, or to share that power with another person!
  • Certain brands even allow multiple persons to control the same toy concurrently!

Numerous gadgets are also ideal for covert play. That is, they are concealed safely and discreetly within another partner’s garments, and the other partner maintains complete control over the enjoyment at all times. Perhaps over a great supper in a fancy restaurant? Or even while you’re at the movies? The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Leading Teledildonics Firms

While not every toy appears to be a couple’s toy, a few manufacturers create toys that can be used with applications or that can be controlled by others. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the following companies:

We-Vibe – With so many fantastic features available, it’s difficult to go wrong with We-Vibe; they provide variations on all the basic styles, and the app is quite user-friendly.
Lovense – A pioneer in the field of teledildonics, these premium producers provide three distinct applications, including one just for Camgirls and guys!
Satisfier – Not all of their toys are compatible with mobile applications. However, their program is often considered as having the best connectivity and providing an abundance of variety and space for control sharing! Did we mention that Satisfyer’s goods are backed by a 15-year warranty?
KIIROO – Distinct from past corporations. KIIROO creates intelligent, virtual reality-enabled masturbators that allow you to sync your movements to your favorite porn star! Additionally, they can connect to another user’s toy. These are magical and take care of everything for you.

Couples Toy Styles That Are Most Popular

Now that you’re familiar with the main brands dominating the teledildonics market, let’s discuss the most common forms of couples toys available!

The Television Remote Control

Nowadays, several toys incorporate a remote control. These are the most basic kind of couple’s toys since they allow your companion to regulate your pleasure. Assume you’re interested in dipping your toe into toys or discreet play. In that scenario, we propose the Ferri by Lovense, which features a small magnet to help the toy stay in your pantyhose, as well as the Lovense Hush Vibrating Butt Plug.

The Ring of the Vibrating Cock

If your play includes a penis or dildo, they are a no-brainer! They can be worn around the penis base, behind the testicles, or on both! They’re designed to assist desensitise the penis, allowing you to last longer, retain blood in the penis, increasing your size, and intensifying the penis-climax. owner’s Do we need to say anything else?

Oh, and they also have vibrators!

Though they come in a variety of forms and sizes, vibrating cock rings have a variety of ways to tease a clit or sphincter! Simply choose the one that best meets your requirements.

We recommend the We-Vibe Pivot and Satisfyer Strong One, both of which are extremely powerful and rechargeable.

The Vibrator in the Shape of a C
It’s more enjoyable than it sounds! Since its recent introduction in the sex toy community, the C-shaped vibrator has grown in popularity. If you’re unsure of how these should look, have a peek at the We-Vibe Chorus and the Lelo Ida.

Simply slide the smaller end into a vagina (some are anal compatible) and the larger end on the clitoris, taint, or sphincter. This narrower end is intended to vibrate against the prostate or G-spot. The primary selling feature of these toys is that they are large enough to accommodate a penis! This means that both parties benefit from the insertable end’s vibrations.

The larger end is intended to be inserted into the clitoris, taint, or sphincter, providing quadruple the pleasure! Vibrations on the inside, exterior vibrations, and penetration!


Strap-ons have been extremely popular in recent years. In most cases, one person wears a harness equipped with a dildo or vibrator, which is used to penetrate the other partner anally or vaginally. These are a wonderful choice for couples without a penis, for couples interested in experimenting with dual penetration, or for individuals who deal with erectile dysfunction.

If you’re unclear which style of harness would be ideal for you, we have a whole guide on how to choose one here!

Strap-Ons Without Straps

Now is an excellent time. Essentially, one end is inserted into the penetrating partner (anally or vaginally), while the other end is inserted into the desired opening of another partner. This double penetration provides both parties with the sensation of being penetrated simultaneously. Numerous devices vibrate as well, including our favorite strapless strap-on by Fun Factory, the ShareVibe.

Almost any toy that has a secure grasp can be utilized as a couple’s toy! Any vibrator may be used to stimulate your partner’s clit, breasts, taint, or anus at any time!

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into the world of couples’ toys, we recommend starting at the top and working your way down! There is so much to discover and do. The simplest way to get started is to simply begin!