Lyriana oral supplement is more effective compared to topical creams for sexual enhancement as it relieves women from sexual dysfunction holistically and naturally. Topical creams for sexual enhancement usually only warrant short-term medication in female sexual problems.

Studies carried out in recent years found that four in ten women experience Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD. What they experience affects several areas of their life including their relationships and their moods. Because of these women, the industry dealing with sexual enhancement is also growing. Topical creams for female sexual enhancement are one of the variants for increasing sexual interest in women. It is popular among women who choose to have only external relief from sexual dysfunction. However, there are also products that can change their sex life that start from within and promote holistic change.

Recharge your sexual energy

External aid believes that the increased blood circulation in the genitals will increase lubrication in the vagina hence intercourse is more pleasurable as it relieves the pain and discomfort that most women with dysfunction complain about. However, makers of topical creams for sexual enhancement use different amounts of their ingredients in their products so the effect varies depending on how much women need or use. This means that topical creams provide relief to women only on the surface. It doesn’t penetrate the real cause of the problem. Although the product works, the term of effect is short.

There are products, unlike topical creams for sexual enhancement that can give women more reliable results. Take for example, one of the leading brands in sexual enhancement known as Lyriana oral supplements relieve women most if not all of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Lyriana ingredients are effective and safe to work naturally in the physiological and psychological aspects of women. This means that, in order for women to become interested in sex, Lyriana stimulates women by encouraging the body to feel more aware of its sexual function. Women will begin to serve their sexual fantasy ideas as signals to increase the production of the hormones necessary for them to become sexually active once again.

Women who use Lyriana don’t have to wait long to experience and see for themselves how their attitudes to sex will change. The longer a woman uses Lyriana oral supplements the more effect it will work on her system. Even though the effects of Lyriana are very significant, women need not worry about the ingredients because they are all extracts from plants that were proven safe by our ancestors and by our modern and sophisticated technology. Although some manufacturers of topical creams for sexual enhancement use synthetic ingredients, irritants and hormones that can cause women with some side effects, Lyriana guarantees 100% natural components.

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

A holistic and safe approach to sexual dysfunction is often the best solution for women because it makes them feel naturally enhanced. The significant change a woman feels makes them live normally once again. To find out more about Lyriana and the benefits you can get from it, visit

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